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Nu-Vet specialises in regenerative medicine applications and premium animal health supplements for use in equine, canine and performance camels. Nu-Vet’s innovative and exclusive range of products have been created with expert industry advice from experienced veterinarians, equine nutritionists and trainers.


Safe and effective Nu-Vet products contain no prohibited substances and are manufactured in Australian GMP certified facilities.


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Nu-Vet proudly supports
The Murdoch Equine Interest Group


The Murdoch Equine Interest Group (EIG) is a Veterinary Student-run initiative founded in 2004 with the aim to support the education and professional development of future equine veterinarians. Each year, the EIG hosts a series of educational lectures, excursions and practical workshops to provide students the opportunity to further develop relevant professional skills, including horse handling, clinical and surgical procedures, interaction with industry professionals, and the ability to remain informed on important industry issues and technological advancements.






For Horses Lacking In Condition, Muscle And ToplineAssists PH balance in the gut. Improves Feed Conversion.

Gammazol 2000 uses only superior ingredients that are blended to make an innovative proprietary equine pellet using selected rice bran oil, a plant derived potent source of gamma oryzanol with added pre and probiotics to improve gut nutrition and aid digestion. 

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Nu-Ex-Cell is an innovative proprietary blend of selected proteins and enriched growth factors combined with cell-derived vesicles that play a key role in intercellular singling.

Nu-Ex-Cell utilises the latest Australian innovations in stem cell activation technology.

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The latest advancements in activating stem cell technology is available now for your racing greyhound.

Rapid recovery from:


No Surgery Required
Safe and Effective
Drug Free, Does not contradict the rules of racing
Utilises the latest Innovations in stem cell technology

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Ulcer Eze helps maintain gastric health. Gastric Ulcers are a significant issue for many types of horses including racing and performance horses, mares at stud, foals and leisure horses.

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Equi-N-Ice is a reusable compression-cooling bandage that does not need refrigeration or ice to get results.


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Exocough Red is an aid in the treatment of coughing and other clinical signs associated with respiratory infections in horses.

Exocough Red assists with the following:

  • Aids in the treatment of coughing
  • Colds
  • Any type of respiratory conditions
  • Horses wellbeing
  • Dissolving mucus
  • Training benefits
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Our passion is animals!

Our mission simple: Innovation not Imitation. Capitalizing on 30 years of combined experience in product sourcing, manufacturing and science-based actives Nu-Vet provides a wealth of experience direct to you our valued customer.

Regenerative Medicine

Nu-Vet’s Research and Development team have pioneered cutting edge stem cell products for veterinarians to use in Equine, Canine and Performance Camels.

Performance Products

Advanced exclusive science based actives gives your competitive animal the edge in racing. All Nu-Vet products contain No Prohibited Substances.

Nu-Age Supplements

Innovation not Imitation, veterinarians, Equine Nutritionists and Trainers have worked closely with Nu-Vet to produce its range of premium supplements.

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